wheelie bins

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins of various sizes remain a firm favourite for South Africans, when it comes to collecting all types of waste. Wheelie bins are versatile, easily recognisable and, with the right labelling, easy to use for waste separation and for storing of recyclables in between collections.

Postwink’s wheelie bins are SABS approved, made in South Africa and come in a range of colours.┬áNote Postwink also supplies wheelie bin-size plastic bags (and compostable bags); pedal system, labelling, locking systems and cut-out holes.

Made in South Africa, these come in the below sizes and in a variety of colours:

  • 240Lt wheelie bin: 580 x 600 x 1075mm high
  • 140Lt wheelie bin: 587 x 482 x 1009mm high
  • 770Lt wheelie bin: 750 x 1300 x 1300mm high
  • 1100Lt wheelie bin: 1070 x 1265 x 1380mm high
  • 140L and 240L Colours: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black
  • 770L and 1110L colours: Green or Black only