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Are you familiar with the ‘take-make-waste’ model that we currently use to produce, consume and dispose of our products? Well, luckily we’ve started moving towards a Circular Economy that demands sustainable systems and supply networks across the globe.


These systems will extend the life of products by sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, restoring, and recycling all items, instead of sending them to landfills.


In the Circular Economy, we:

  • design out waste and pollution
  • keep products and materials in use
  • regenerate natural systems


At Postwink, we understand that, like everyone else, we are putting pressure on our natural resources every time we manufacture a product . However, we are trying to be more Circular by providing bin rental services to offices that:

  • keep them in the loop for longer
  • reduce the need to manufacture new bins
  • increase the need for refurbishment


Your business can benefit from our bin rental service since:

  • monthly costs are lower than the once-off purchase price
  • lower costs = more recycling stations
  • the flexibility of replacing bins at end of the contract


Note that this is a relatively new service, and hence certain terms and conditions apply. For example, this is available for clients based in Cape Town area or Gauteng, and available for one’s own usage (third parties are not able to rent for their clients). Furthermore, the equipment recommended for these rentals refer to our range of Ecocylinder recycling bins – which can be used for most waste types, including glass, plastic, cans, but also household batteries, coffee waste and general /contaminated waste.

Contact our competent sales team to find out more!

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