The Monochromes

The Monochrome recycling range comes with:

  • Come in 1,2,3  or 4 divisions.
  • Powder-coated mild steel unit with hinged top lid, and internal bag holders for each compartment
  • Price includes waste names in Cut-out Lettering.
  • Waste Branding and Corporate Branding on front and top, additional Corporate logos and full front branding possible at additional cost.
  • Select from our wide range of waste names and icons for your front vinyl, to suit your specific requirements.
  • Available in silver, white or black
Indoor Office: The MonochromesProduct Code
4-compart. 1250 x 350 x 820mm HMS249
3-compart. 950 x 345 x 800mm HMS140
2-compart. 650 x 345 x 820 mm HMS162
1-compart. 320 x 345 x 820 mm HMS161
Half-way Front Branding + Full LidAD046
Full Front Branding (Lid has cut-out lettering)AD056
Add-on Corporate Logo on frontAD073