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UpcyclingDespite the majority of the country being well educated regarding the many environmental issues that our planet is faced with, still only around 10% of waste in South Africa is being recycled. This may be due, in part, to many people being unsure of how to recycle, which companies to contact or perhaps thinking that it may be an inconvenience to their already fast-paced and stress-ridden daily lives.

The great news is that recycling isn’t the only way in which you can make a difference. Introducing the process of upcycling which is quite straightforward and may even become a beloved hobby with the power to help reduce stress! But what is the difference between recycling and upcycling? Let’s investigate.

Upcycling, explained

Upcycling, in short, is about using your own creativity to put waste to better use. It’s about giving unwanted objects a second chance in life. Unlike with recycling which means separating your waste at source before sending it to a recycling centre so that it can eventually be reused, upcycling involves keeping various waste items in your possession and creatively turning them into higher quality items with a new purpose.

For instance, if you have an old ladder that you can no longer use safely, instead of throwing it out, give it a lick of fresh paint and upcycle it into a stylish bookshelf. Those cardboard toilet paper rolls you usually toss away – they make great cable organisers or Christmas crackers, and with a coating of peanut butter and seeds they make a great bird feeder for your garden or balcony. Use a teapot with a broken lid as a quirky flower vase, spray paint an old colander and use it as a hanging basket for flowers.

With a bit of creative thinking and confidence in your DIY abilities, the options for upcycling old and unwanted items are practically endless. Have a look at some of the upcycled products we have available.

A combination of recycling and upcycling

The best possible way to maximise the ‘green’ potential of your home or business is to embrace a combination of recycling and upcycling. Fortunately, recycling doesn’t have to be a complex, costly or confusing process. Here at Postwink, we make recycling easy. We provide convenient recycling solutions to homes, businesses, schools, hotels and public sectors. Check out our Shwe Bags. Learn more here.


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