The INOX®: Stainless Steel Recycling Units

Our Stainless Steel Recycling Units , called the INOX® range, ensure a sophisticated and corporate look for either indoor (grade #430) or shaded outdoor areas (grade #304).

The INOX units come in 3 different designs (such as some with throw-in holes on the top, while others with front flaps) and all designs can be made in 1-, 2-, 3- or 4- compartments.

The Inox has front doors which can be locked, come with door branding and contain plastic inner bins. The Inox® is a registered tradesmark.


3 Different Designs

  • INOX FLAP (Flat-Top)
  • INOX STANDARD (Hole Top)
  • INOX PEAK (Peak top)

Other Specifications

  • 46Lt Plastic inner per compartment
  • #430 grade for indoor. #304 outdoor grade should not be used in direct sunlight or extreme weather condition.
  • One quality label per door included.
Indoor Office: The INOX
All Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Compartments
#430 S/Steel Grade
#304 S/Steel Grade
HOLE-Top INOXSS430241SS304241
FLAT-Top INOXSS430242SS304242
PEAK-Top INOXSS430243SS304243
Add-on Corporate logoAD073
Add-on Locking System on the doorsAD074