Let Postwink help you in your journey to Zero Waste.

Have you joined the movement to take your organisation to Zero Waste in the near future? To best ensure success for your new or improved recycling project (whether at the office or within your school), Postwink aims to make this easier for you- see below our service offering:

Recycling & Waste Bins

Postwink has developed a specialised range of waste separation bins, which has been tried and tested inside some of the largest South African corporate buildings and universities.

Most of our recycling bins are unique to Postwink; and their usage range from indoor, upmarket recycling bins (which are designed to be “front of house” so patrons and staff can use them); to large outdoor units for bulk collections to containers more suited to waste areas.

Our recycling bins have been designed to maximise end-user compliance to waste separation and hence the idea is to have these to reduce contamination and improve recycling rates. View our bestselling products by downloading our catalogue or contact our sales team for this.

For a customised solution, don’t hesitate to still contact us with your requirements.

Customised Corporate Artwork and Posters

Our professional team of graphic designers have experience in creating branding artwork for your recycling program, which is customised to your brand and the waste you generate. Postwink also offers a range of existing templates which can be customised and/or printed as posters to help educate your staff or learners, without having through the process of creating a message from scratch.

Delivery & Exporting

Postwink works with a range of reputable couriers and transporters, so we can deliver nationally across South Africa at highly competitive rates.

Postwink is also an approved exporter and  we are hence interested in your requests for our Postwink products outside of South Africa. We regularly deliver to our neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. For an export quote, kindly contact us with more information.

Events: Renting of Recycling Bins

Are you hosting a sustainable event or function? Then have the attendants of your event use recycling bins and separate their waste at source. For short-term rentals, we stock  1-waste and 3-waste EcoCylinder 100Lt Recycle Bins and 140L green wheelie bins which can be rented. This service is currently only available for Cape Town-based clients. (T&Cs apply).

As an alternative to renting, we also have a range of cardboard Recycling Boxes which come flat-packed and dispatched swiftly. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Recycling Awareness / Waste Training

Launching your recycling initiatives? We have an affordable “Launch” Training session available to Johannesburg and Cape Town organisations, whereby staff are introduced to recycling, how to do it, why do it, and (importantly) get excited about their new bins!

Postwink’s training is customised to the audience and more focused on the practical then on the theory.

Recycling Bin Office Rental

Lower your expenses, free up your cash flow and increase the number of recycling bins that you can afford, by renting your favourite recycling bins. For a low monthly cost, our full range of Ecocylinders is available to your company, to collect a variety of waste: from the regular recyclables, to general waste, to food scraps for composting, to batteries, to coffee cup separation for better recycling. No deposits required. Click here for a full list of Benefits or contact us to find out the necessary requirements and to apply. (T&Cs apply)

Composting Solutions / Recycling Food Scraps

Postwink’s bestselling range of products include a range of counter / waste caddies to collect food scraps as they occur (e.g. in commercial kitchens), Certified Compostable Bags , as well as airtight bins and drums to compost on-site using Bokashi.

Special Waste Projects and Consulting

Does your company need help with planning and implementing a recycling-related program? We have been involved in a large number of corporate recycling roll-out projects, many of which result in a customised product or offering, and for which you will require specific and experienced input. Contact us to discuss further.

Sanitation/Hygiene Products, PPE and Hazardous Waste

Postwink is slowly expanding its offering into supplying products that can be used for companies’ Hygiene and Sanitation, Hazardous Waste collection & storage (such as Oil Spill Kits) and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

We currently stock colour bags used for collection of medical and hazardous waste. Please email us for a catalogue for PPE and Hygiene products.

Going #ZeroWaste at Home: WAWO

WAWO is an online store, owned by Postwink, to allow consumers to start their Zero Waste journey. Although WAWO and Postwink share a warehouse, note that WAWO includes a large range of products which are not sold on Postwink, due to the nature of its customers being so different.

That said, contact Postwink should you wish to extend your organisation’s recycling efforts to your staff at home, by providing them with WAWO vouchers so they may order recycling bins, recycling bags, bokashi for composting food scraps and more. Visit WAWO for more information on its offering.