Recycling Labels

We believe that by having your own corporate logos and customised waste list on your recycle bin, your recycling communication to your staff and your clients is more effective – and effective communication results in effective waste separation! Furthermore, it gives staff or learners a feeling of pride to see their logo on the recycling bins and composting bins – because recycling is so good to do.

Therefore, our recycling labels are available “as is”, or can also include your company logo.


Our standard recycling colours for our labels and branding are as follows:

Our standard labels come in the size 400 x 170mm, which fit the 240L wheelie bins. However, we also include labels of more suitable size, depending on the product ordered.

  • Blue for paper
  • Green for Glass
  • Red or Light grey for Tin Cans
  • Yellow for Plastic
  • Light Brown for Compostables
  • Darker brown for coffee grind (which is compostable)
  • Brighter Green for Mixed recyclables (standard wording is Recyclable Dry Waste)
  • Charcoal or black for General Waste, Landfill or Non-Recyclable.
  • Red for Hazardous Waste
  • Grey for (Electronic) e-waste
  • White for confidential paper
  • Light blue for Cartons / cardboard
  • Turquoise for Tetrapak / juice cartons