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Bishop Outdoor Unit

ppe bins

PPE Bins


Recycling Labels

Pearly-Yon - Designer Cardboard

Pearly-Yon – Designer Cardboard



wheelie bins

Wheelie Bins


Igloo Recycling Bin

Sesame Bin

Kitchen Bins

Bio Bin

MaterBi Compostable Bags


Bokashi Food Composting Bin

stainless steel INOX

Stainless Steel Recycling Units

confidential papers

Confidential Paper Bin


The Monochromes

Fabric Coated Cardboard Bins

Fabric Coated Cardboard Bins

Leather-Touch MEDI & MAXI Bins

The Leather-Touch MEDI & MAXI Bins

EcoCylinder 100l Recylce Bins

EcoCylinder 100l Recylce Bins

Using quality products and outstanding service, Postwink strives to ensure that our Clients recycle the most effectively they can – hence making a difference to the environment, while helping our Clients’ stakeholders understand and appreciate “Sustainability” thinking- whether in South Africa or beyond our borders.

Postwink is gradually achieving its goal of improving recycling rates, by manufacturing and supplying quality waste collection products that fit even the most sophisticated office and brand.

Postwink manufactures, distributes and supplies the best quality recycle bins for offices, shopping centres, public areas and schools. We at Postwink aim to make your recycling start-up easy, and your on-going project more effective. From our most popular EcoCylinders, Monochrome recycling bins, wheelie bins, recycling igloos or funny monster-looking bins, our range is ideal for any project.

Together with plastic liners, posters and training, we make sure you’re ready for a successful project – one that impacts positively on your environment – and your pocket.

For Prices and detailed specifications, please download our catalogue