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trees planted
Postwink plants 34 trees in Khayelitsha

Since 2009, Postwink Recycling Products has been including a small contribution to Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) in all our pricing. So whenever Postwink sends you a quotation, you see the number of trees you inherently purchase with each order. Then, every few months, Postwink reconciles these contributions and buys trees from FTFA’s Trees for All programme – and this is how Postwink came to attend the planting of 34 indigenous trees at the Sinako High School in Khayelitsha, on Friday 19th August.

Berenice Westmore of Postwink and Desmond Winkworth of FTFA received a warm welcome from Charles Phiri, the programme director at the school, and from the school’s Environmental Club, which is made up of a large number of Grade 11 learners. After some inspiring speeches on the impact of our lifestyle on climate change and the meaning of the trees to the school and the environment, Mr Winkworth got his hands dirty and demonstrated how the trees must be planted: in a straight line, with a neat hole and not forgetting the tube used for watering! The 3 types of trees planted were wild olive, wild peach and chinese poplar.

Albeit in the rain, the learners watched everything and seemed very excited about their trees and the event in general – and went on to plant two more trees.

Mr Phiri indicated that each learner would plant their own tree (once the weather improved), which is a great way to ensure that all the leaners are involved and feel responsible for the wellbeing of these trees.

We hope that everyone at Sinako High School enjoy the trees, not only for their use in combatting global warming, but also as something that will provide shade and greenery to their school ground.

Postwink wants to thank all their customers who have indirectly contributed to this worthwhile cause and hopes to be planting a lot more trees in the years to come!

All these products can be purchased at very affordable prices from our online store.

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