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Postwink and the University of Pretoria: An Inspirational Recycling Journey

Supporting a vision

In 2015, the University of Pretoria enlisted Postwink to support in their recycling journey that has since continued to improve their waste-separation-at-source objectives over the years. We came alongside them from strategy to product development and supply – helping create the most efficient and effective solutions, tailored to their specific needs as a university.

Where the waste journey begins

On their Hatfield campus, UP started implementing waste separation- at-source using our 3-compartment monochrome steel bin, specifically in and around the canteen areas. Ensuring people know what-goes-where, we upgraded the waste separation stations and experience with improved signage to help facilitate the correct usage of the bins.

Customisation with fit-for-purpose solutions

Inside the Hatfield campus buildings, various departments received recycling bins that were suitable for their specific department; some faculties chose 2-compartment monochrome recycle bins for their waste separation, while others chose another waste separation split – this meant they were able to customise the signage and branding according to their needs.

Bright and beautiful functionality

Postwink assisted with the successful upgrade of the large waste separation area in Festival Street, which services the nearby campus. This area is visible from the street so our bright and colourful Recycling Igloos were perfect for the upgrade and created an area of interest. With a sorting table and clear signage on the igloos and around the waste area, waste could be separated easily by waste type.

The Festival street waste transfer station, is only temporary and the permanent waste recycling area is subject to current architectural design and approval processes.

In more recent years, the beautiful Future Africa Institute on the Innovation@UP campus added our Black Leather-Touch Maxi recycling bins throughout the campus for separating at source.

Going the extra mile

We always try to go above and beyond – and so we also assisted with Clothing Banks around campus to collect items of clothing for donation.

Passionate clients drive change

We so admire our UP client’s passion for sustainability – holding onto their vision beyond the circumstances in 2020 and being proactive in finding solutions to new challenges. During the COVID lockdown, the University was incredibly forward-thinking and fast-acting, ordering branded red wheelie bins with cut-out holes on the top so staff did not need to touch the lids when disposing of their PPE waste. Innovation meets sustainability to solve a new unexpected and urgent need.

Inspired by you

We are always inspired by our client’s sustainable business objectives and helping them reach their goals – using our experience, expertise and products to provide practical innovative solutions is what we love most.

We enjoy celebrating our client’s wins – and UP is one to celebrate. Well done to their team for their vision and determination.


The Postwink Team

*The above article has been published with the consent of The University of Pretoria  – however it should not to be seen as a product endorsement.

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