Leather-Touch MEDI & MAXI Bins
L Touch 3 compt scale

Leather-Touch MEDI & MAXI Bins

Leather-Touch Recycling Bins are made from Leather-grain ABS plastic, which is a recyclable material (note these are NOT made from leather).

The leather-touch MEDI and MAXI bins are scratch-resistant, require little maintenance & are ideal for offices. They can also include a battery-collector and handles (on request).

A favourite with corporate brands, Postwink prints your corporate logo and customised waste list on the front, to ensure your staff fully know how to separate the waste generated by your company.

The Leather-Touch Bins come in a Larger MAXI size (Height 80cm) and a smaller MEDI size (height 60cm) – and both sizes come in 1,2, 3 or 4-divisions.

Indoor Office: Leather-Touch Recycling Bins // MAXI // MEDIProduct Code
MEDI 4-compart. 700 x 360 x 600mmPC176
MEDI 3-compart. 700 x 360 x 600mmPC120
MEDI 2-compart. 700 x 360 x 600mmPC130
MEDI 1-Compart. 400 x 360 x 600mmPC122
MAXI 4-Compart. 900 x 360 x 800mmPC177
MAXI 3-Compart. 900 x 360 x 800mm **PC226
MAXI 2-Compart. 900 x 360 x 800mm **PC238
MAXI 1-Compart. 400 x 360 x 800mm **PC233
Add-on Side Pocket for batteriesAD017
Add-on Side Handles (most suitable for MEDI sizes)AD072
Add-on Corporate Logo on the FrontAD071