Sesame Bin

Sensor-touchless bins- the Postwink Sesame™ Range – by NineStars

Postwink is proud to bring you Nine Stars’ upmarket range of Sensor-touch bins in various sizes, ranging from 42 litres to 80 litres, with differing styles and number of divisions for waste separation and recycling. By hovering your hand over the lid, the lid opens and closes automatically – preventing you from having to touch the lid, while locking in odours. This Sesame™ range of bins are made from brushed stainless steel (of quality grade #430), which is finger-print resistant and of the highest quality. These products have a 1-year Warranty.


The Sesame Sensor-Touch Recycle Kitchen Bin

  • 2 divisions, with built-in bag holder (hidden when closed)
  • Quality Material: #430 Stainless Steel;
  • Capacity: 70 Litres
  • Outer Dimensions: 540 x 330 x 670mm H with 920mm height when open
  • Lid automatically opens and closes with sensor technology.
  • Lid can open manually with the open/close buttons, if prefered
  • Bin takes 4 x regular +D Batteries (Rechargeable batteries and charger are available (code AD063)
  • Imported Product
The Sesame Sensor-Touch Kitchen Recycle Bin Product Code
Sesame Sensor-Touch Bin 2 division SS170
Add-on rechargeable Battery Set AD063
Add-on Clear recycling bags AD057
Add-on Mater-Bi Compostable bags AD079

The Halio MultiBox

  • Corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel housing
  • Movable white plastic lid
  • Can be used with carousel units from 30 cm wide
  • Can be assembled on the right- or left-hand side or in the centre
  • Bin liner can be fixed to the edge of the bin
  • 2 removable inner bins (2 x 15L): plastic, grey; OR
  • 3 removable inner bins (3 x 10L): Plastic, black.
  • Housing: cream
  • Lid: plastic, white
  • Imported Product
Hailo MultiBox Product Code
Hailo MultiBox, 2Compt, 2 x 15L PI257
Hailo MultiBox, 3Compt, 3 x 10L PI258