Recycling Igloo

The Postwink Igloo Recycling Bin neatly collects any kind of bulk recyclable waste: from Paper, Tin cans, Glass or Plastic.

These are ordered in the colour matching the waste type and can be well branded on the doors and the sides, to easily educate its users.

Throw your recyclables into one of the three openings and these are directed into either a 1-ton capacity bulk polyprop bag or 3 separate 210 litre steel drums (available separately). Also, the front doors and lids can be opened and come with locks, so the unit is fully lockable.

Importantly, unlike the imported European version, the Recycling Igloo can be emptied by all recycling collectors, as they only require manual handling to empty, by either opening the top or the front doors.

In 2022, the Recycling Igloo was converted into a garden composter – with no throw-in hole – but the garden waste being thrown into the bin via the top lid. The front doors can then still open to enable the turning of the content from time to time.

The Recycling Igloo, whether used for collecting recycling or whether collecting garden waste, can be branded on its front doors and/or both sides. The large branding areas offer a great opportunity to customise and educate end-users about more sustainable waste practices.

The Recycling Igloo is a registered Design – Design no. F2014/01540  and  a registered trademark no. 2017/36711.


Igloo Recycling Bin

  • Made in South Africa from robust plastic (polyethylene), which is 100% recyclable.
  • Using a bulk bag, the capacity of this bin is 1000 litres.
  • Outer size: 140 x 130 x 150cm High, Oval throw-in hole size is 35 x 20cm
  • Secure locking system: Front doors and top lid lockable using secure cam locks
  • Add-on: 1-ton capacity Bulk bags and/or 210L steel or plastic drums.
  • Price includes cut-out lettering by throw-in holes
Igloo Recycling BinProduct Code
Postwink Recycling Igloo 1.3 x 1.4 x 1.5m HPR305
Bulk Bag (1-ton, new) – to use as linersAD012
Drums (refurbished, Steel) – to use as linersAD013
Igloo branding on front doors & sidesAD015
Igloo branding on front doors onlyAD018