EcoCylinder 100l Recylce Bins

Ecocylinder 100L Recycle Bins

Our 100 litre EcoCylinder recycle bins are very robust and are manufactured locally. These recycling bins have a removable lid with a round throw-in hole. The top of each lid is colour-coded with a durable vinyl, which also states the waste type that it is intended for.

These can be used as a “single waste” bin, or can be partitioned into 2 or 3 sections by means of sturdy inside plastic “sleeves”. This ensures that only one bin is used to collect more than one waste type. The 2- and 3-compartment options also have rope handles for easy lifting.

The Ecocylinder is so versatile and can be turned into a collection bin for coffee cups, household batteries , small e-waste and printer cartridges too.

For companies wanting flexibility, our Ecocylinder range is available for long term rental (T&Cs apply). Postwink also hold limited stock especially available for short-term rentals at events held in Cape Town surrounds.


EcoCylinder 100l Recycle Bins

  • 485mm diameter x 660mm height
  • Sizes of throw-in holes:
    • 150mm diameter for 1-waste bin;
    • 140mm diameter for 2-waste bin;
    • 115mm diameter for 3-waste bin.
  • Labelling of the lid is layered for durability and scratch-resistance
  • Bin made of polyethylene (100% recyclable) & is very robust.
  • Bodies available in Charcoal-Black or Light Grey
  • 2-waste & 3-waste bins have removable sturdy bin liners & come with rope handles.
Indoor Office: EcoCylinders™Product Code
1-waste EcoCylinder binPR102
2-waste EcoCylinder bin *PR126
3-waste EcoCylinder bin *PR103
Composting EcoCylinder (no holes, on wheels with rope hands)PR165
Add-On castor wheels: 4 x 50mm rubber castor wheelsAD040
Add-On Corporate Logo or Recycling Label on the sides approx. A4 / 400 x 270mmAD070