confidential paper bin
Medi Confidential bin for confidential paper

Confidential Paper Bin

POPIA or not, keeping your hardcopy data safe is imperative. We have two types of confidential paper bins for this purpose. These come with a secure locking system and a paper slot. Note we don’t include any special liners nor the servicing/emptying of these – ask us for a list of on-site or off-site Shredding companies in your area.

Confidential Leather-Touch (Maxi or Medi sizes)

  • Custom-made bin from ABS plastic (incl. recycled content)
  • Includes locking system
  • Standard Front printing included
  • Has a Bag Holder inside (holds regular sized liners)

Confidential Wheelie Bin

  • Wheelie bin with locking system and cut-out paper slot
  • Padlock not included
  • “Paper” or “Confidential Paper” Label included
  • Blue is the recommended Paper colour
Confidential Paper Bins: Leather-TouchProduct Code
MAXI Confidential : 400 x 360 x 800mm HPC239
MEDI Confidential : 400 x 360 x 600mm HPC186
Add-on Side Handles (most suitable for MEDI sizes)AD072
Add-on Corporate Logo on the FrontAD071
Confidential Paper Bins: Confidential Wheelie BinProduct Code
Confidential 140L wheelie binPI251
Confidential 240L wheelie binPI265