confidential paper bin

Confidential Paper Bin

All our Confidential Paper Bins come with a locking mechanism, and a paper slot. No special liners included, no servicing included.

Confidential Leather-Touch

  • Custom-made bin from ABS plastic (incl. recycled content)
  • Includes locking system
  • Standard Front printing included
  • Has a Bag Holder inside (holds regular sized liners)

Confidential Wheelie Bin

  • Wheelie bin with locking system and cut-out paper slot
  • Padlock not included
  • “Paper” or “Confidential Paper” Label included
  • Blue is the recommended Paper colour
Confidential Paper Bins: Leather-TouchProduct Code
MAXI Confidential : 400 x 360 x 800mm HPC239
MEDI Confidential : 400 x 360 x 600mm HPC186
Add-on Side Handles (most suitable for MEDI sizes)AD072
Add-on Corporate Logo on the FrontAD071
Confidential Paper Bins: Confidential Wheelie BinProduct Code
Confidential 140L wheelie binPI251
Confidential 240L wheelie binPI265