Bio Bin

Compostable Bags

Collect your food waste using certified compostable and biodegradable bags to line your food scraps’ bin. These bags can then be sent directly to your Composter (or your waste management company who accepts Organic waste for composting).

Postwink distributes a range of Mater-Bi compostable bags as well as Bonnie Bio bags.

Mater-Bi is an Italian resin, certified in Europe for full compostability, as well as successfully tested in South Africa for degradation at our local composting facilities.

Bonnie Bio imports a range of BPI certified bags in 32L, 85L and 113L capacity.

Both bags can be used to collect green/garden waste as well, and ensures that no plastic contaminates the composting.

Note that compostable bags, even certified, have varied length of time by when they compost and biodegrade. Some do not turn into compost, but into lactic acid which in turn feeds the soil.