Bishop station closed front branding
Bishop station open 240Lwheelie bin inside

Bishop Outdoor Unit

Ideal for outdoor usage, these units, sold individually, turn a regular 240L wheelie bin (which fit inside) to a great looking recycling bin. With large branding space on the front and a throw-in hole insert which matches the colour of your waste type, the Bishop will make waste separation easy to understand and communicate.

  • Durable, Completely weatherproof
  • Each fit 1 x 240L wheelie bins, so each has a 240L capacity
  • Front door opens and can be locked (padlock not included)
  • Throw-in Hole insert changes colour to match waste name being collected.
  • Customized front branding possible
  • Outer dimensions: 660 x 950 x 1380mm Height (per unit)
  • Made in South Africa
Bishop Outdoor stationPR310
Add-on 240L wheelie binPI202