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Recycling is not (just) about separating your waste between different groups. It’s about education. It’s about doing the right thing. For your staff, for your learners, for your patrons.

Waste pollution is one of many 21st Century issues. However, we feel that it is one that you can do something about, swiftly and professionally at that. Postwink helps you on your business’ journey to Zero Waste.

Having a sustainable business, school and home, is no longer a pie in the sky. At Postwink, we believe that starting a recycling initiative, using quality and branded waste separation bins (and other useful products), educates about the importance of thinking long-term.

Yes, our recycling products will ensure that your recyclables are not contaminated, and as a result, you will improve your recycling rate and send less waste to Landfill. Yes, our branding will teach your staff about waste separation. Yes, our solutions will help you turn your food waste into a resource. But it starts with you wanting to embark on this Sustainability journey.

Postwink is a B2B business, helping multiple types of organisation to improve their waste management since 2007. Postwink recently launched an online store, called WAWO (pronounced “wah-woh“). WAWO supplies the South African household with a range of products that helps you on your journey towards zero waste.

Let’s show you how Postwink makes recycling easy.

I am so happy with them and your amazing service! Will definitely use you guys again in the future!

IsabelMarketing Manager

I have dealt with Postwink for approximately 3 years now. The staff are all very helpful and professional, I would definitely recommend them.

TaariqStellenbosch University

Thank you so much for your outstanding service. highly appreciated.

Hope MasilelaLeshaka Construction | Tendering Specialist

May I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you and your ladies for all your effort and assistance to make this happen. The bins look amazing.

HildaRemade Waste Management Services

Recycling Solutions

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Our Products

Using quality products and outstanding service, Postwink strives to ensure that our Clients recycle the most effectively they can – hence making a difference to the environment, while helping our Clients’ stakeholders understand and appreciate “Sustainability” thinking- whether in South Africa or beyond our borders (we currently deliver to Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana as well).

10 reasons to recycle with Postwink products

  • Postwink supplies more than Recycle Bins  to the B2B sector, we are an expert resource for all aspects of a recycling initiative start-up: from the branded bins, to access to recycling collection information, to how to launch and communicate, to training of your staff. So we can pretty much help with all aspects of your start-up project!
  • Apart from excellent service during the selection and order process, we pride ourselves of excellent post-sale service, including access to specialised workshops where you can network with like-minded companies (T&Cs apply).
  • Our quality Recycle Bins suit any and every recycling initiative, even the most sophisticated office space and brand. Furthermore, most of our Recycling Bins are unique as some are Postwink’s Intellectual Property, whist Postwink has sole distribution rights for others. Also, except for some counter compost bins and the Sesame sensor-touch Kitchen Bins,  most of our products are manufactured in South Africa!
  • Postwink relaunched our popular online store into WAWO in 2021 – aimed at our household consumers. WAWO’s range of recycling and composting home-friendly products aim to get individuals to effectively recycle and compost at all – and includes a wider range of reusable and recycled products for the increasingly aware consumer, who wants to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. Promoting WAWO (pronounced “way-woh”) by Corporates is also a great way for those brands to nudge their staff to take their recycling practices home with them.
  • Postwink has been testing our range of recycling bins to the South African market since 2007 and have helped over 4000 clients set up successful recycling projects, in South Africa and beyond our borders. Many of these clients are household names.
  • Our prices include a contribution towards various environmentally-conscious charities and tree planting programmes, which also improve the lives of hundreds of community members. To date, Postwink has contributed over 650 trees and bamboo plants to such programmes.
  • Postwink also assists organisations to separate their food scraps for composting. Postwink stocks Earth Bokashi in bulk, as well as distributes worm farms, garden composters, composting drums and more.
  • Cape Town Events and functions can rent our available recycling bins and wheelie bins to manage their recyclables on a short-term basis, and Gauteng & Cape Town companies can also rent our Ecocylinders over the long-term, saving them both money and carbon footprint.
  • Postwink is a Level-1 BEE contributor, and we are hence fully BBBEE compliant.
  • Postwink delivers timeously to your door anywhere in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.


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